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Statement Brows

Over the "No Make-up" look of 2020? Finally, cooler temperatures means trying new looks without your face melting onto your mask. Since cloth masks aren't going away anytime soon, you'll definitely be seeing a lot of makeup trends in the coming months that accentuate the eyes and top of the face.

Gone are the days agonizing over your brows and drawing them on with great precision. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we all have a little bit of a rebellious streak. And, true make-up artistry has never ever played by the rules.

Bright , uplifting statement Brows are having a moment. Whether you're just rocking makeup around your house or you need to put together a look for a socially distanced hang out, you'll definitely want to try this trend.

Be prepared: You’re going to love them!

Instead of traditional dark eyebrow looks, we are expecting to see lots of lots of bright colors. "To create the eyebrow colored ombre shades you've always dreamed of, all you need is a colored eyebrow pomade and a sharp angled brush," Butterfly FX master glitter artist, Tiffany Rose, explains. " Create your shape with tiny, hair-like strokes, beginning with the lightest color, closest to your nose then move outward using a darker color. It's always easier to add product versus take it away, so build your brows slowly. "

Rocking fun, brightly colored brows daily is certainly a potent antidote to boredom. Changing the color of your brows isn't a problem. Still, it will take a little bit of confidence to find the perfect hue to not only enhance your complexion, but to discover your personal style.

Experimenting with bright, unusual hair colors offers alot of room for individual expression. The look will certainly turn a few heads and you will never be accused of being boring ever again.

Statement Brows are all about dimension. Using bold color is a highlight technique that brings attention to the face. In todays world, it's difficult to display our best features in public because we are limited by wearing a mask. Therefore, our eyes need a little help to stand out. Colorful brows, blended with brightly colored eye shadows, diffuse together to create a subtle transition resulting in a bold look.

Seeing vibrant brows makes you say “wow”! In most cases, statement brows make your features pop more and is a refreshing change from the ‘ultra dark and defined brows’ look that have been trending the past few years.

They also serve as a reminder that both beauty and life are meant to be fun and that little changes can help you create an epic experience!

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