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Our Story

February 12, was Lundi Gras in New Orleans and it was the coldest Carnival season in memory. 
The pilgramige began at 4am. All we had with us was some glitter, a folding card table, a hand made sign, a couple of chairs, and enough ambition to get us through the day. We set up on Royal Street, right next to Pirates Alley. And then...we waited. In 2018, the idea of a glitter bar in our area was still non-existant. People passed us in the street. They didn't understand what we were doing or why we were there. We were literally freezing and although it took a few hours, disappointment set in. Around 11am that morning, we were all looking at eachother and it weighed heavily that this entire idea might have been a big mistake. 
Shortly thereafter, a young mother with six children approached and asked if we would apply glitter to her kids with a group discount. We were so happy that we offered to do it for free! Once the kids were in our chairs, a crowd began to gather. People that had never seen glitter as a medium of body art were completely engaged. From that moment on, we had a long line waiting for the rest of Carnival. 
We continued working on Royal Street through the Spring. It wasn't long before we were getting booked regularly for private events and soon we started participating in every festival in the area. 

We were working as often as possible, no weather was too extreme, no challenge too tough. Working tirelessly, we dedicated ourselves to perfecting our art.  Our hard work paid off, as we had the privilege of working with literally thousands of people, gaining invaluable insights along the way.

We discovered the secrets of the perfect sparkle. We've mastered the art of matching colors to different skin tones, creating stunning and eye-catching effects with expertly blended glitters. Our knowledge extends beyond aesthetics - we know which adhesives work like magic and which ones fall short. We understand how the body moves and how to make glitter move with it. We've faced it all - sweat, sensitive skin, and even those who crave sparkle but despise the mess. But with every challenge, we thrived and found innovative solutions. Our passion for perfection drives us to continuously improve, ensuring that every glitter experience is flawless.

We know we can't always be around to create your magical masterpieces for you. So, in 2019, we launched our cosmetics brand to bring our hard won innovative solutions right to your door. Today, we offer a diverse range of products, which includes non-traditional cosmetics, body paints and an exquisite selection of intense glitter options. However, what truly sets us apart is our renowned Butterfly FX signature face jewels, lovingly designed in-house by our talented Butterfly FX body artists. Our face jewels are manufactured seasonally, in small batches and will never be sold on large market platforms like Amazon. 

Looking ahead into the future, you will still find the Butterfly FX glitter bar at festivals and private events. Only now, we also grace fashion runways and work with some famous faces. Our goal is to to revolutionize the beauty industry with our creative approach to cosmetics. We are committed to setting new trends, offering innovative products, and empowering you to embrace your authentic self. Thank you for joining us on our journey. Let's keep in touch.

Let's Connect

For private label or wholesale inquiries contact WHOLESALE@BUTTERFLYFXGLITTER.COM

For content creators, sales careers or to become a #Glitter Team artist contact JOBS@BUTTERFLYFXGLITTER.COM

For media or promotional collaborations contact PR@BUTTERFLYFXGLITTER.COM

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