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How To Choose The Right Glitter For Your Hair, Body or Face:

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Morph Gelly, color shift glitter gel in Ingenue Pink

The easiest way to get your glitter fix is with glitter gel! This magical Morph Gelly contains color shift chunky glitter suspended in a gel form, making it a breeze to apply with just a simple swipe. Perfect for when you need a quick hit of shimmer on the go.

Pro's: The gell dries completely on the skin, the glitter won't flake off, light enough to wear on top of eyeshadow, won't collect in creases.

Con: Is not suitable to create dramatic, thick designs on the face.

Girl wearing Butterfly Kisses Lip Glitter in Candy Girl Pink. She has on colorful gold and silver rings

Want to add some pizzazz to your pout? Look no further than Butterfly Kisses lip glitter! Sprinkle this amazingness on top of your favorite lipstick or gloss.

And why stop at your lips? Give your cheeks and decolletage a fairy-like glow with a sweep of this glitter dust.

PRO-TIP: Butterfly FX Artists recommend using super fine glitter under Chunky Glitters for the ultimate Festival look.

Woman wearing dramatic glitter on her face

Chunky Glitter, the show-stopping glitter that's guaranteed to make you stand out! This loose glitter is made up of a mix of big shaped pieces alongside smaller glitters, earning it the moniker "chunky" glitter. This is the real deal – expert level glitter for all your dramatic body art needs! Spread it across your hair, face, or body for a look that screams "festival vibes."

Festy Look Pro-tip: On the Face and Body, use Butterfly Kisses Lip Glitter as a base for Chunky Glitter. Layer different color Chunky Glitters and include an iridescent glitter for a big dramatic effct!

To Apply: Butterfly FX Artists use Hair Gel in a pinch. It's safe for your hair and skin. If you want your look to stay all day, use the Butterfly FX sweat proof/ water proof Glamour Glue instead.

Variety of colors avaiable in Glitter-peel-ooza product

Glitter-peel-ooza is the secret to easy glitter removal. This chunky glitter gel peels off effortlessly when you're done being dramatic, leaving you with a flawless face or body. No mess, no fuss, just pure glitter fun. Love the glitter, ditch the mess


Stir before each use. Apply gel as thin as you can to get the desired effect. If the gel is applied too thick, it will curl up as it dries. Gel in container will harden if not closed properly.

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