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Our Mission

At Butterfly FX, we understand that small changes can have a massive impact. That's why we offer exciting products that will make you stand out from the crowd. Our mission is to help you experience that incredible "wow factor". We believe that a single moment of self-love and confidence can completely transform your life. Brace yourself for the butterfly effect 


Tiffany Rose

Founder & CEO, Butterfly FX

Meet Tiffany Rose, the mastermind behind Butterfly FX. She started off as a Pre-med student but soon embraced her passions for acting, makeup artistry, and all things rave. Throughout her many adventures, she discovered that social events and networking can be overwhelming, especially for introverts. Determined to find a natural way to help people experience a greater chance of social success, Tiffany integrated her thesbian and festival  prowess and then turned to her science background for inspiration.

Did you know that we can't go more than three days without water? And guess what? Water is visually sparkly! It's no wonder we're drawn to shiny things. Tiffany had a lightbulb moment - Glitter! The perfect solution to start conversations and break the ice.

In 2018, Butterfly FX Glitter was born!

In 2019, Tiffany took her innovation to new heights. She introduced a full range of glitter products and collaborated with a New Orleans dance team, the "Nola Bombshells," to create the sensational Butterfly FX eyeshadow palette. But she didn't stop there. Tiffany also began designing stunning face jewels to create an extra, high impact experience in body art.

Butterfly FX isn't just about making a splash in the beauty world. Tiffany is also highly committed to making a positive difference in the community.

She partners with community organizations and local philanthropies often to ensure her brand is leaving a lasting positive impact.


Our Brand

Get ready to unleash your wild side with Butterfly FX! From our festival roots in New Orleans to becoming a nationwide lifestyle brand, we're all about creating attention-grabbing looks that start conversations.

We believe in radiating good vibes and embracing the magic within each and every soul we encounter. Our vibrant and whimsical products are designed to let you express your creativity without any fear of judgment.

At Butterfly FX, we're here to promote confidence and show you that anything is possible in this amazing world. Embrace the sparkle and join us on this journey of unleashing your inner magic!


Non-Profits we have supported in 2023

Hugs 4 Kids Logo
Boys Hope Girls Hope Logo
Humane Society Logo
Camp Bearable Logo
Northshore Food Bank Logo
Team Fox Logo

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