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How To Make Glitter Stick To Your Face, Body & Hair: Tips & Tricks

Blue and silver glitter design on a woman's face

Glitter can make you feel like a fairy princess, but the only problem is that it just like you, it doesn't always want to behave! From your face to even your hair, glitter can be a bit tricky to get into place without sweating or flaking off. Fear not - we're here with some tips & tricks and Pro's & Con's so that you too, can sparkle like one of the stars in the sky! Read on for our guide on how to make glitter stick and create amazing looks every single time.

Keep it Natural: Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera Gel

Many of the DIY Glitter makers out there create their own blend of coconut oil and aloe vera gel suspension to keep their glitters in place. While the idea of using natural ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera gel sounds amazing, it does have a few downsides. Don't worry, we've got the scoop on all the pros and cons of this sticky situation!

The Good

-Natural ingrediants are better for skin

-Great for short term wear

-Great for cooler weather

-Great for hair glitter!

The Ugly

-Coconut oil never fully dries and becomes more tacky the warmer your skin becomes. In the sun, your Glitter creation will melt down your face or body.

-Aloe Vera is not a strong adhesive so your glitter will begin to flake off after a while.

-It's been reported that this mixture dries out quickly in a jar. It's not recommended to use this if you are creating a long term, DIY glitter gel.

Hair Gel

The great thing about hair gel is that it's already rated for cosmetic use, therefore it's ok to use on your skin.

The Good

-You can find vegan hair gels.

-Strong adhesive for long term hold

-Won't flake if applied lightly

-Best adhesive for hot weather because it won't melt

-Fully Dries

The Ugly

-Some hair gels have alcohol as a main ingreidient so it will dry out your skin.

-Will flake if you apply too much.

Chap Stick or Petroleum Jelly

Yep, we have definately heard of this. and while these adhesives do work in a pinch, here's our take on it

The Good

-Inexpensive to buy and you can get it anywhere

-Chapstick is generally used as an adhesive on the face. Don't use it on your eyelids ever

-Petroleum Jelly is generally used as an adhesive on the body. It is a very good adhesive in cooler weather

The Ugly

-Both of these products melt against your skin. If you plan to be in a warm environment, leave these products at home.

-They do not dry and you will be sticky all day regardless of weather or activity

Butterfly FX Glamour Glue

Butterfly FX was born on the streets of New Orleans. It's hot and humid in our part of the world and we have had to learn how to make our glitter last through some pretty intense environments. Butterfly FX Glamour Glue is an adhesive that is both sweat proof and water proof.

The Good

-Your glitter will survive a rain storm

-You can also use it as a primer for your eye make-up

The Ugly

-It's one of our best selling items and often sells out. So, if you're a glitter freak like we are, you need to stock up in advance

If you have any questions about cosmetic adhesives, or want to add your favorite adhesive to this list, please DM us. We would love to get your feedback! Cheers!!


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