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Face Jewels Tips & Tricks

A woman wearing Creamsicle Glitz Face Jewels

You found an amazing set of Face Jewels to wear to an upcoming event. How do you make them last all day/night?

  1. Apply your jewels to clean, dry skin.

Put on your make-up just like you always do. When you're ready to put on your jewels, use an alcohol pad or alcohol soaked q-tip to remove the makeup from the area you want to place the stickers. Make sure those spots are completely free of any cosmetic, sunscreen or moisturizer. These products are usually silicon or oil based which make long term adhesion nearly impossible.

2. Make sure your skin is dry...but not too dry.

Face Jewels have a hard time sticking to your skin if you're already sweaty. Make sure you aren't sweaty or too oily before application for best results. If you have really dry, textured skin, the face jewels are just not going to easily stick to you no matter how hard you try. Dry textured skin is "powdery". I'm sorry.

3. Extra Security and Re-use

If it's going to be a long hot day and you plan to sweat like crazy, use a little back up adhesive.

Butterfly FX Face Jewels and Greek Life Face jewels are pretty durable but sometimes you need a little extra something. A tiny bit of eyelash glue or liquid latex around the edges of the jewels will give you that extra security so that your face jewels stay in place until you're ready to take them off. You can also use this method if you want to use your face jewels again and again.

For the best result, only use adhesive around the edges and make sure they dry and get a little tacky before you place them on your face.

Four women wearing Diamonds & Pearls Face jewels + glitter

4. Face Jewels can be altered to your style

The Face Jewels are designed to go on in a single unit, but you can cut and customize them any way you like. In fact, Butterfly FX Artists love to mix and match for extraordinary looks!

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