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How To Remove Body Glitter:

Why does glitter cling to you like crazy exes? Blame it on the moisture on your skin! We love body glitter! More is better...until you have to take it off. If you've ever found yourself covered in glitter after a wild night and had no idea how to get rid of it all without two days of finding it in unmentionable places, then these hacks will be your savior! We'll show you how to quickly and easily remove body and hair glitter so that your sparkly night isn't followed by an even more sparkly day!

We All Make Mistakes

Scotch Tape

Congrats, beauty queen, you slayed that make-up look! But uh oh, glitter got a little too wild and ended up all over the place like confetti at a wild party. (Insert Sad Face)

BUT, fear not Glitteratti! We've got a genius hack to save the day. Grab some scotch tape and use it to remove the rogue glitter without ruining your masterpiece. Boom, problem solved and your flawless face can shine on!

Oil Is Your Friend!

Hair, Styled in Space Buns and covered in silver chunky glitter

So, you went all out and doused your center part in sparkly glitter. And now, you're a hair goddess! But how the heck do you get that glitter out without being known as "That Glitter Babe" for the rest of your life? Oil is the superhero you need! It doesn't matter if it's coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil or even the tangy goodness of mayonnaise, it'll do the trick. The oil will send those pesky glitters packing and leave your skin, your hair and your scalp glitter-free. Got naturally oily hair? No worries! Just grab some hair spray and a paper towel, and you'll be saying "bye-bye glitter" in no time. Spray the hairspray onto the paper towel and blot your hair until all of the glitter particles are gone. Trust us, your future self will thank you for this genius hack.


So, you heard the best way to get glitter off your skin was to roll a lint roller on your face? Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's a no-go. That sticky stuff on a lint roller is meant for fabrics, not your skin, and it contains a seriously gross chemical called Styrene. FYI, Styrene is a human carcinogenic, aka something you definitely don't want near your gorgeous face. So, let's keep this toxic goop away from our skin, Pinky Promise?

6 Girls, sparkling with glitter body art

Do you really want to remove that fabulous glitter from last night's party? Fine.

Just grab some trusty oil and let it work its magic on your skin too. Apply to skin and work in circles until you're ready to rinse it all away.

So go ahead, rock that glitter like the superstar you are, knowing that oil is waiting in the wings to save the day.

NO-Mess Alternative...and Shameless Plug

Glitter-Peel_Ooza, easy peel off glitter gel in assorted colors

Tired of shedding more glitter than a disco ball? Enter Butterfly FX Glitter-peel-ooza! Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after glitter explosions. Simply apply the gel, rock it as long as you want, and voila - peel it off and chuck it in the bin! No more sparkles on your pup, your wheels, or your crib! Get your glitter fix minus the mess with Butterfly FX.

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