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A Siren's Guide to Provocative Glitter

We all love teasing and tantalizing our potential partners. Glitter can be extremely useful in the very subtle game of flirtation. A delicate swipe of chunky glitter, strategically placed on your sexiest assets, will act like a beacon for all of your paramour’s hopes and dreams. Add glitter to these 7 discreet places to drive your Date wild:


This area is the most obvious. Let’s face it, Eyes are sexy. If you have beautiful or interesting eyes, add a little swipe of glitter nearby to have your date staring into your eyes all night.


Everyone knows that the neck can be one of the most arousing areas of the body. In fact, toying around by baring the soft side of your neck can leave any interested person completely helpless. Draw attention to this erogenous zone by adding a little sparkle to your earlobes. Each time your date catches a glimpse of sparkle, they will fantasize about the possibility of a hot and heavy make-out session later in the evening.


Highlighting the breast/chest area is far too obvious for a proper seduction. Temptation requires being covert. Choose to highlight the shoulders instead. The shoulders are the discreet area between the innocent beauty of the eyes and the raw lust of everything below. A little glimmer of glitter here will force your date to notice your slender arms as well as obsess about what is under your blouse. Keep in mind, everyone likes a little mystery.


Most people aren’t physically attracted to feet, but there are many people out there that have a fetish for high heels and stockings. Add a trail of glitter from your ankle to your mid-calf. Leave them wondering, “Exactly where does that trail go?”


Women subconsciously bare their wrist when they are interested in someone and want to communicate availability. Most women never realize that they are doing it. But, the message is always very clear, “Single and ready to mingle.” Wear a touch of glitter on your wrist. Your date will will take notice and subconsciously will understand that you’re a Siren, ready to flirt.

Small of the Back

If you have a sexy back, flaunt it! Whether you’re wearing a bikini, low-rise jeans, or a backless evening gown, there are few areas on the body as sensual as the lower back. Accent your “Dimples of Venus” with glitter. Play the coquette, “You’re getting close buddy, but not quite there.”


There is an area where your hips meet your abdomen to form a “V” shape. This is one of the sexiest parts of the human body. Strategically placed glitter in this area can make the eyes pause for a slight second. Instead of rushing downward, the eyes will stop to linger on your beautiful hips just a little longer. From top to bottom, the glitter can be traced like slow little footsteps to the ultimate prize.

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