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Cosmetic Grade Chunky Glitter, safe for Face, Body, & Hair.

10 oz of Glitter in each pot

Silver Cosmos Chunky Glitter

  • Cosmetic Grade Chunky Glitter, safe for Face, Body, & Hair.

    5oz of Glitter in each pot

    Not sure how to apply the glitter?  Head over to the Butterfly FX Blog page to search our tips and trade secrets!

Butterfly FX was founded by Artists who share one common goal, to give every person in the world, no matter who they are, where they are from, or what they look like, the opportunity to absolutely WOW any room they wish to dominate in. 

Every single person in this life deserves to know what it feels like to be a Superstar! 

Our mission is to create products that help you stand out in the crowd, build Confidence, and inspire Self-love.

Butterfly FX is all about encouraging people to have fun and get bold with their look. Personally, we don't believe in limits and we encourage you to break as make creative rules as you can! 

We combine the skills of Body Artists and MUAs to create intricate and innovative looks. All of our Face Jewels, Body Jewels, and Glitters are hand designed in-house by Butterfly FX Artists with you in mind.

We pledge to continue to always find unique ways to help you amplify your personality through Body Art

This season get your hands on our brand new cosmetics line. Butterfly FX introduces our high pigment, bold color eyebrow pigments.

Keep being Dope and Thanks for being part of our Tribe!