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Jeweled Lashes: The hot new festival trend for 2020

At this point, you can't even call yourself festival worthy without adorning yourself in all things that sparkle. Glitter and jewels have become synonymous with Carnival and festival season. and each year the top glitter inspired look gets far more dramatic than it's predecessor. This year, Jeweled lashes are dubbed the Hottest new trend for 2020!

Yep, that's right. Jewels on your lashes! Rhinestones on the lashes aren't exactly a new thing. People who love glitz culture have been wearing them for decades. Since the end of last year, the expert Glitter Artists at Butterfly FX have given them an updated look by replacing the synthetic hair, one strip rhinestone lashes, with light and feathery mink lashes adorned with Swarovski crystals.

The grown up version is absolutely amazing and we are obsessed!

Well-chronicled on the Instagram account #butterflyfxglitter, the lash trend has been picking up steam early this season as Carnival revelers look for a new way to stand out in an exceedingly sparkly crowd.

Light, easy to wear, playful, and glamorous, the new jeweled lashes are creating buzz from high fashion arenas to your local nightclub. Get ready for incredible sparkle eyes this year!

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