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Glitter Boys

Historically, glitter has never been what might be considered a “trendy” accessory for men. Let’s be honest, aside from an expensive pair of shoes and a great vintage watch, most men prefer their look to be more about functionality than about high fashion. Not anymore, though. We’re here today to end the debate once and for all with cold, hard facts: EVERYONE-- yes, even the guys--can pull off Glitter.

Men are taking a break from “keeping it simple.” Instead they are using glitter more and more to create sexy fashion statements that speak to your soul. These extroverted styles are gaining momentum as the average Guy is beginning to realize that his go-to wardrobe basics aren’t his only move.

While the idea of wearing bright, shiny glitter to step up your style may sound terrifying, Guys are navigating the trend with ease. That’s in part because glitter can be thrown on top of any outfit you have and --boom--You’ve just created this extremely bold, confident vibe.

Keep the fashion rules simple: Wear glitter in your hair, your face or anywhere on your body that is exposed, where you might rock a tattoo. Make a minimalist statement or choose to be bold. No matter the occasion, you will stand out (but in a good way).

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