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2020 Glow-Up

The year 2020 is around the corner. In just a few days we will be saying "Gurl, Bye" to the most recent decade and entering into 21st Century version of the the "Raging Twenties".
As New Year's Eve approaches, and the annual social media "10 year challenge" crawls to an end, we once again begin to reflect on who we once were, who we are, and who we ultimately want to become.
2020 is all about the Glow-up, Darlings!
A Glow-up as defined by Urban Dictionary: “To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation." This is your time. This is your decade to sparkle and shine!

4 Ways To Glow-up
#1) Try A New Look. The fastest way to a Glow-up transformation is to change what YOU see in the mirror. Been putting off that trendy haircut? Still being shy about that outrageous hair color? Do it. And, don't look back. Even one tiny step outside of our comfort zone can be the catalyst for a whole new life.
#2 Wear The Outrageous Trend. Ok. We are a little biased on this one considering we live in festival glitter and jewels year round. But, wearing trends like amazing hats, glitter, body jewels, and neon makeup makes you stand out in a crowd, especially when you wear these things at "regular people" events. Sparkles and bright colors cause a positive crowd reaction no matter how shy or introverted you are. Having fun while wearing outrageous trends signals to people that you're confident and someone that they want to be around. Yes, YOU! Getting all of this attention is one quick confidence builder, which will help you Glow-up in other ways as well.
#3 Wear Bright Colors. An unfortunate truth is that we tend to make decisions about our transformations in the winter, when it's cold and dreary outside. A winter wardrobe is traditionally defined as black, grey and a host of other dark, depressing colors. Bright colors can positively change your mood, and the moods of those around you in an instant. Start wearing bright pinks, yellows, greens, and blues everywhere you go and start spreading some cheer! When you're happy, the whole world smiles with you.
#4 Do The Thing. You have a plan. We know you do. Maybe it's starting a new business, going to the gym more often, traveling more, starting that Vlog, or maybe buying the (insert dream) you've always wanted... Do it! NO EXCUSES. Yes you can. It's ok if you don't know where to start. Start anyway. Sort out the kinks along the way. Becoming successful is the ultimate Glow-up there is!
Glowing -up means transformation. It means moving out of your comfort zone to become the happy, confident, powerful person you have always wanted to be. Transformations are a journey. It's a journey where you take risks and lose yourself to find yourself. The "Raging Twenties" are your time to shine. You're already beautiful. Let's see that Glow-up!
Best Wishes for an amazing and happy New Year!
The Butterfly FX Glitter Team

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