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Want to become a Butterfly FX Artist?

Butterfly FX is based in New Orleans, LA.

Throughout the year, our artists pop-up everywhere! We take the Glitter Bar to Festivals around the country. We set up at Major Events, Corporate Events, and Private Events...large & small.


The Butterfly FX Team is made up of all kinds of creative people who are Body Art Specialists. This includes Glitter Artists, Hair Designers, Airbrush Artists, Body Painters, Make-up Artists and Special Effects Designers. We even have a Seamstress for Creative Costuming!

Do you think you have what it takes to join our team? Send us an email. Tell us a little about yourself. Please include your portfolio or a few pictures of your work. No prior experience? Let us know.

Butterfly FX has an Apprentice Program! 

Send to:

Makeup Artist