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Do you want Face Jewels and Chunky Glitters absolutely FREE? 

Butterfly FX designs the entire collection of Butterfly FX Face Jewels and Glitters in house. We are really passionate about how we can add sparkle to your life. We hope you love our collections as much as we do! 

We want to hear your thoughts. Let us get to know you. Please send us an email and tell us more about yourself. What type of Blog do you have? What is your Social Media Theme?

Please include your social media handles and a link to your Blog. 

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We will send you a Free box of some of our Glitters and Jewels in exchange for writing a review about the quality of our products. 

Fashion Blogger Program


* To participate, Your Blog must have a minimum of 1000 followers, or your social networking account (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) must have a minimum of 2000 followers.

* Write a killer review about our collection or include them in a video blog. Publish the article or blog and include a link back to the product or collection on our website. Post your article or blog to your social media account and then email us the link. We would love to read it!

*By participating, you consent to Butterfly FX LLC that we may use all or a portion of your article or blog, including your photos, regarding our products on our website or social media accounts.